Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baghdad F.C Excerpt

Just found this in a book I was reading, Simon Freeman's Bagdhad F.C. A quote from an 1920's RAF airmen, it shows that isn't exactly an Iraqi fault that led to the Iraq War, but decades of overbearing dominance by the League of Nations and in particular, the U.K

One RAF squadron leader said: "Real bombing means within 45 minutes, a full size village can be practically wiped out, and a third of inhabitants killed or injured, by four or five which offer them no real target, no opportunity for glory as warriors, no effective means of escape." The British continued to bomb the Iraqis through the 1920s. in 1924, one RAF officer, Air Commodore Lionel Charlton was so disgusted when he visited a hospital and saw the mutilated civilians that he resigned his commission. But many were brutish. One RAF ranker wrote: "Woe betide any native [working for the RAF] who was caught in the act of thieving any article of clothing that might be hanging out to dry. It was the practice to take any offending native into the squadron gymnasium. Here he would be placed in a boxing ring, used as a punch bag by members of the boxing team, and after he had received severe punishment, and he was in a sorry condition, he would be expelled for good, minus his job."

You can't really blame them for wanting some kind of retribution. Iraq is merely a concept, lines drawn on the map in the aftermath of World War 1. No political or cultural differences were taken into account. History is repeating itself in the most ugly form. Don't we owe them an apology?

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