Thursday, April 10, 2008

Journalistic Breakdown

As an aspiring journalist, I know that everything should be written from a balanced point of view, accommodating both sides of the argument. I don't like it, but it is a rule to live by. But in the realm of Western media, it appears this mantra is just plain theory, not taken seriously. Case in point: the Olympic Torch protests. Since early March, angry torrents have been unleashed at the Middle Kingdom, squarely placing the blame for the uprisings centered around Lhasa on the CCCP. Never mind that no independent casualty counts have been published, the press has been attacking Beijing with ruthless abandon.
Never mind that the whole purpose of the Olympiad is international unification and pacifism. Too often, the Games have been used a platform for political noisemaking, and the consequences of this are routinely ugly. This doesn't change my perspective on the situation in Tibet, peaceful mediation is still necessary, but as if proving my earlier point, if the Games hadn't been used as a political forum, none of this would have come about.
Now people are moaning about the steadfastness of the blue tracksuited- Torch Guards. If people are going to try and physically extinguish the torch, what choice do they have but to be heavy-handed. Note that nobody says a thing about the equally heavy-handed procedures used by the Gendarmerie and Met Police used to disperse protesters. Until the protests are fairly examined from both standpoints, the protests will seem flawed. Never mind that most of the protesters don't know Jiang Zemin from Wen Jiabo, they just get a kick out of making noise.
But the real reason behind the Western badmouthing of China? They are scared sh**less.


Natso said...

ok, good luck for your study in Beijing, then! I am supporting Tibetan independence, but the Beijing Olympics is irrelevant issue. And it pisses me off when they call Dalai Lama a terrorist. Again, i am supporting Tibetan Independence!

Natso said...

I don't know! Maybe autonomy sounds threatening! I can imagine it.