Thursday, May 1, 2008

When do I start?

Today was a beautiful day, despite the precarious thunderclouds lurking nearby. Nothing could dampen my mood, especially at 3.20 in the afternoon. Prior to that, the day had been nervy from the moment Head of Year 11, Mr Pullin, announced that Sixth Form offers would be coming around during the course of the day. Normally, Mr Pullin carries on like no tomorrow about his travels, somehow weaving them into the Grand Scheme of Things, and today was no different, as we learnt he was ditching us for a three-day golfing jaunt in Malta over the Bank Holiday weekend. From the moment I heard the word "Hills Road Offer Pack," everything else was overshadowed. Well, not everything. I still managed to remember a few dates and treaties for my history practice exam. Point is, I was just a tad apprehensive.
So when the bell rang at 3.20, I was one of the first of a hoard of people to storm the school reception to pick up our offer packs. I spotted my name. I spotted Hills Road Sixth Form College. I ripped at the envelope with all the dexterity of Edward Scissorhands. I jumped for joy. At this point, it is probably worth explaining that Hills Road has a reputation as one of England's top state-run Sixth From Colleges.
The irony is, I am faced with the longest summer vacation ever, 10 weeks of fun in the sun and yet I can't wait for September to come. Not only are my courses (Modern History, French, English and Politics) riveting, but the enrichment activities read like a catalogue of my dearest interests: Chinese, Tennis, Africa Link, Japanese, War Studies and Social Anthropology. Unfortunately, four of those are back-up choices, but in any case September can't come soon enough.
You may have gathered from my previous post that this has been something of a frustrating year, that I have felt somewhat held back, socially at least, at Melbourn Village College. Don't get me wrong, I'll miss MVC, but the brakes are coming off and I can't wait.

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