Sunday, September 21, 2008


In the realm of Politics, self-doubt is a killer. Thus, in the high-stakes battleground that is the Presidential Election, self-doubt is a cyanide pill. Whilst the chameleonic John McCain seems to have one firmly lodged between his molars, Barack Obama has laid deaf ears to overtures that he, for one reason or another, will fail to clinch the Presidency.
Ever since the pre-dawn of Obama's race for the Democratic Nomination, he has been told that he will fail due to his race, his inexperience or his unwillingness to play hardball with armour-plated opponents. In that same duration of time, Obama has avoided tempering his domestic policies and mindset, rarely dignifying Clinton's, McCain's or Palin's attacks with so much as a response. Instead, Barack Obama decided that the High Road is the one to take for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
I must say, it is an honour for the future President to have taken a leaf from my book*, for I am one of the only people I know to stand in unflinching support for the man from Honolulu. I have questioned him when he toppled over at the gold-embossed toe-caps of the Jewish Lobby but other than that, Obama all the way.
Howard Dean had similar potential but the Dean Scream put paid to that. If perhaps he had kept his wits about him, things would have been different. Unfortunately, he had scalding hot coffee running through his veins. This made for an excellent crowd-pumper but it also helped him quite literally blow his lid.
Thank heavens that this time, my choice for the Presidency has ice water running through his veins. This has not one but two immediate consequences. A), we'll *knock on wood* have a President who doesn't flinch in the face of criticism, and B) He'll also help reduce global warming. It just doesn't make sense, on the other hand, that a McCain-Palin ticket that is so mish-mashy, so changeable that it makes the English weather look predictable. How such a pairing can be electable beats me. Don't give them that dignity. Vote Obama

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