Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The Clinton Clan really should found their own political party. For the two-time President and his wife to refrain from putting their full support behind their party's nominee, Barack Obama, is absolutely disgusting. Putting family before country has no place in the United States, at least when the stability of the nation is concerned. For Hillary to then brazenly commend Sarah Palin for her efforts adds fuel to a fire that no one would want to stoke with barely 3 weeks remaining to the election.
Just what the Clintons' aims in this heinous tactic is remains to be seen. Obviously Hillary was feeling the flames when she, the presumptive nominee before the Primaries actually got going, succumbed to the intelligence and charisma of one Barack Obama, who now sits 5 points up on John McCain. Still, its not like Clinton's demise was Obama's fault. He had the moral fibre to refrain from liberal assaults on Hillary's questionable honesty. She just could not keep up with his slick, legitimate campaign for the Democratic nomination. With regards to fundraising, Obama may as well have written the record book, hauling in around $60 million a month. Hillary on the other hand struggled to avoid sinking into the red. For her to seek closure by throwing veiled support Palin's way is simply ridiculous. Whatever respect the family holds right now will be lost should this trend of jealous retribution continue.
Ironically, John McCain has borrowed Hillary's campaign problems. He too is struggling to keep up with the Obama machine and has thus turned the attack dogs out on the Illinois Senator. Once more, the public isn't responding well. Once more, the public will vote against you.

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