Monday, November 17, 2008

They listened!

Five minutes after my post earlier today, the IDF let food aid into Gaza!

Courtesy of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Israel opened a border crossing into the Gaza Strip on Monday for the first time in two weeks, according to UN officials, allowing limited aid to cross into the impoverished territory despite resumed militant rocket attacks.

Chris Gunness, spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency, told the BBC that eight of its trucks carrying powdered milk and luncheon meat were allowed into Gaza with the convoy.

The Israeli military said about 30 trucks had entered the territory, while the decision to allow more shipments would depend on whether the rocket fire continued.

"This will be gone in a matter of days, and what happens then?" the UN's Gunness said.

Gaza's 1.5 million residents have been forced to contend with food and fuel shortages since Israel sealed its borders to Gaza earlier this month. Egypt, which also shares a border with the territory, has also kept its border crossings closed.

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