Friday, February 2, 2007

I smell...a rat

Well not quite, but someting thereabouts...

As the American political scene gets going in preparation for the Presidential elections in just under two years time, I take a moment and wonder; why is it that Hillary Clinton still holds that name. She stuck by her husband after he was ripped limb from limb by the media after his affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsaky. Was it to hold the family together or for something more sinister, say...PERSONAL GAIN???!!!

Prior to marrying Bill, she was just another Yale law student. Whilst she may well have gone on to be a hotshot lawyer, there is little evidence to suggest that she would be the political force she is now. Would she have become Senator of New York without the connections that come with being First Lady? New York is a very influential state, and it takes a bona fide political powerhouse to rule over such a state. I wonder.

Hillary Clinton is one of the three main candidates, in my view, for the presidency. Among the three of them(Barack Obama and Condoleeza Rice, whom I included as the most likely Republican nominee, not because I like her, being the other two), there are several traits never before seen in a President: Hillary Clinton is a woman, Obama is African-American, and Condoleeza Rice is a combination of the two. So whatever happens, at least American politics are evolving. One question lingers, would Bill Clinton be described as the First Man, or the First Gentleman?

Whatever the circumstances, Hillary has had her chance to shine, her chance to wow the crowds as First Lady. Whilst she was a good First Lady, she probably wishes she had occupied more time in the limelight, but time is through. She should gracefully step aside and let someone...fresh have a shot at it, someone say...Barack Obama. The US has suffered enough at the hands of Bush & Co., and it wouldn't do any good to have another stale President on account of their family. America is in need of a breath of fresh air.

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