Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NHL Trade Deadline Breakdown

If my memory of last year is correct, than whilst last season featured many more trades, they were generally less high profile. Apart from the Canucks. Smolinski is a solid 2 way player, but not much more. Sopel is a reliable d-man, but again, nothing flashy. Same goes for Weinrich and Carney last year. It is a shame that Noronen, didn't stick around. I know we all like (?) Sabourin, but he's not in the same league as Noronen, who I think was once a starter with the sabres.

Other opinions:

It seems like the earlier you trade, the more you give up. Both the Trashers and Preds gave up huge amounts for their respective vets, whilst the Sharks got off relatively light in their aquisition of Guerin. The Sens practically stole Saprykin, a high draft pick, from Phoenix. The one trade that really annoys me is Zubrus going to the Sabres. Whilst this obviously means that the Caps couldn't resign him, he is a player who would have been great with the Nucks. If the Sabres got him basically for Novotny ( there was also an exchange of picks) then the canucks could have swung the Caps with Cooke. But still, this is the rental season, not when like when things are more long-term in the post (or pre?) season.

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