Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live-Blogging gone wrong

In the spirit of Canucks and Beyond and Yankee Canuck, I am looking to uphold the great tradition of live-blogging. So here goes. Sharks - Redwings, Game 2. All times GMT.

21:06 Stupid Figure Skating!!! All the internet feeds I was planning to use have been taken up by some stupid figure skating tourney. OK. I shall break the mold and live-blog figure skating.

21:08 Oh WOW, they can kick their heels in tune to music...

21:09 There's a move called a TWIZZLE? Why, oh why?

21:11 Two things: the competition is in Japan and the music probably shouldn't be described as such.

21:12 LOL: there is some resemblance to hockey: instead of little hockey players skating around during the intermission, they've got little figure skaters twirling around during lag-time.

21:13 Isn't it time for HNIC yet?

21:16 Someone please lay down a hip check at center ice. Please. Pretty please.

21:17 Why does the Redwings game start at 2pm anyway? Pistons later tonight?

21:21 God has put me out of my Cinderella on Ice misery and beset with me with a new problem: faulty internet. Just great.

21:23 This isn't all bad. My "limited or no connectivity" means that I don't even have to try and do the childish BBC revision quizes. But I get the feeling it won't stave off Monday's exam.

21:26 I guess I'll resort to my collection of "borrowed" youtube videos. First on deck, Matt Cooke's tying goal against the Flames a few years back...

21:30 Screw this. Still no internet, so I'm gonna call it quits. Now what movie to watch...

21:31: Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery it is...

23:03 Still no feed, but the internet's back up now. Sharks 2, Redwings 2 heading into the 3rd.