Sunday, April 22, 2007

You cannot be serious!!!

During one of my all too frequent random internet searches I stumbled upon this Google hit:

British School of Nanjing.

Probably insignificant for most of you, but for me it was as though a bomb had dropped next door. See, during my time at Nanjing International School, we prided ourselves on being the only real international school in Nanjing, which according the "cultured" expat folk of Shanghai, was just some dusty little town somewhere upstream. Nanjing, a city of some 6.5 million souls. Dusty little town my ass. Anyway... Once, we were at a volleyball tournament at the Shanghai American School (the last bastion of utter isolation,) and we heard one expat kid ask another: what does nis stand for? Soon, they began teasing us, their country cousins with their hilarious new interpretation of NIS: nerds in Shanghai. And that is why I'm somewhat afraid of another international school opening up shop in Nanjing. I'd hate to see Nanjing reduced to the comparative mediocrity of Shanghai or Beijing. I'd hate to see our cross-town rivalry with Nanjing Foreign Languages School reduced to mere peanuts. I'd hate to see our somewhat eccentric rivalry with Concordia thrown out for some new money-making scheme. But thankfully, that won't happen. Because it is in the middle of nowhere, some 50 miles out of Nanjing, by the shores of uber-expatty Baijia Hu. They may as well call it British School of Zhenjiang.

Let's just get on thing straight.


is way better than this...

Go Lions!!!

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