Saturday, June 30, 2007

I can breathe!

Whew. What a relief. Finally, the hard bit's over. Only three weeks left till summer vacation. Boy, oh boy I can't wait. Its not like this has been a bad year, but it has been tough. The leap from 8th grade to 9th is huge. Last year, I was proud when I managed to write something 800 words in length. Now, if I'm lucky, that's the half way point. I can only pray that a similar advance doesn't await me at the end of next year, as I make the jump to Sixth Form College. But yeah, so next couple weeks I've got work experience in Cambridge. Sounds kinda boring, but hopefully I'll be plesantly surprised. Still, I am so glad that I've got practically all my coursework behind me. As I said, I can breathe now. Sweet air!!!

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