Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It’s Official

As the academic year begins to wind down, it seems my will to think deeply winds down too. The effort to come up with something insightful and interesting just isn’t coming to the surface. Heck, I’ve haven’t really read a book in two weeks. Its not like I’m bored out of my mind either. Quite the contrary. I can’t wait for the summer to start. Parties, camp counselling, tennis, family and France fill the summer, its just this business means that is hardly space in my brain for any more complicated thought than “man, we’re gonna have an awesome weekend.” But hey, hopefully, the abyss of mindless nonsense as I chill by a swimming pool somewhere in the south of France. In a way, its probably good to fill my brain with nonsense for 6 weeks. With a little bit of a rest, my brain might just be raring to go come September time.

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