Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Really?

I’m not really surprised. Hollywood is pretty tight with the pro-Israeli crowd. You know, the “democrats.” Is it just me, or aren’t the Democrats supposed to be the ones who don’t endorse wars. So it’s more than a tad…confusing, that a bunch of Kerry’s benefactors would come out and stand on the Israeli “Defence” forces side of the line? I guess those actors only have on-stage brains, although the thought of Sylvester Stallone actually acting as opposed to just hitting a punching bag is hard to visualise. But whilst the Demorats and Republicans are fighting it out for the Jewish votein 2008, people, are being murdered. And the IDF is responsible for far more of these deaths than the Hezbollah reservists. Ehud Olmert knows that America is too busy canvassing for the Jewish vote, and thus has the gall to -not for the first time- bomb civilian targets and UN peacekeepers. And just for the record, Ms. Kidman, just one kidnapping is not a terrorist attack. If that was the case, then thank God Britain hasn’t bombed the Algarve to pieces. Israel plantedtwo craters in Beirut Airport. Israel has committed war crimes by bombing civilian infrastructure during a time of war. Civilians are dying. And it appears Hollywood is just fine with it.

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