Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Darn It

OK. I admit it. I was wrong. Turns out the end of the academic year didn’t turn off the dribbling tap that is Musings from Meldreth. Instead, it seems have to provoked a whole blow of literary fodder. The quality probably isn’t greatest, but hey, its a start. Hmm. Its not like my time was particularly constrained, and I don’t like to make excuses, but that probably has a part to play for the reason the blog had no entries for six weeks. Well that little dry spell is over. But blogging about blogging? Surely that is only for Mr and Mrs Blogger? My god. Well, the blogging is back. Now all I’ve got to do is conjure something intuituve to write about. Hmm. Sarkozy vs. Sego was pretty interesting, but that really is old news. OK. I’ve got it. The Kashiwazki Nuclear Plant. For starters, its got a great name. Way better than Sizewell, or Three Mile Island. It conjures up the image of something high tech. Oh yeah, and its leaking radioactivity into Northern Japan. If I lived there, no, I wouldn’t be happy, but it is a media field day and it will be interesting to see what actually happens. Doesn’t seem terribly bad right now. But last time Japan suffered the effects of a bunch of neutrons and electrons going haywire, hundreds of thousands of people died. So you can bet that Abe will try and quell the fears of his people, as well as containing the damage. So just keep one eye on this space. I doubt anything will actually happen though. Just hope I don’t end up eating my own words again!

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