Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its Finally Come!

For many weeks now - ever since the exam schedule came out back in March, I had been counting the days until June 18, the end of a hectic mixture of exams and revision. Four days have passed since that landmark, but if feels like an eternity. Indeed, I have enjoyed the company of relative freedom of the summer holidays, which have made an annoyingly unmarked arrival. Admittedly, I have had a lot going on since Wednesday, what with Prom and the After-party, and I still have to catch up on some Music Technology work, but it still feels like the academic choke-chain around my neck hasn't been loosened yet.
My guess is that the ETC Singles Open, starting in Braintree on Friday, will help to draw my thoughts away from the classroom, and shortly after that, several weeks of sun and fun in Californ-I-A will reinforce this weird concept of relaxation. Its an alarmingly harsh adjustment from the nervous tension of exam season to this doldrum-like boredom, so I am definitely glad that I will be busy more or less until I start Sixth-Form College in September, and if truth be told, a big part of the indifferent start to the Hols would be to do with being free from the classroom for around a month now. Essentially, the tye-dye contrast will only really show when I walk out onto the "hallowed lawns" of Braintree Tennis Club, and from there on out, get this: there will be something happening for 10 glorious weeks. My first unaccompanied flight, my first real sailing trip, my first real tennis tournament, etc etc. Still, I may have been released from the "jail" that is school, but it feels like I'm only on parole.

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