Saturday, July 12, 2008

There is a God!

Prior to Wednesday, I viewed the next two years as a long march towards the hallowed lawns of People's Park, more specifically UC Berkeley. Ironically, all that changed thanks to the grandeur of the long entrance road of Stanford University. Thanks to some very persuasive tour guides/ great uncles/aunts, in combination with the hard to miss splendor of campus. Obviously, there is a lot of noise about their academic and (supposed) athletic prowess, and indeed the only advantage the guidebook cedes to their cross-bay rivals, Berkeley, is the ownership of a better college town. So despite the stigmatic problems I discussed in my last post, Stanford seems like a pretty irresistible place.
Heck, it even appears that the recently mentioned Big Guy in the Sky wants me to swing the axe and favour Berkeley over Cal, even though his methodology seems to be a bit perverse. For starters, he only granted me 1.5 hours on campus, possibly paying off the guide to chuck in some lethargy. The rest of the day was spent meandering around Oakland and Piedmont, so my ability to suss out what Berkeley is really like was somewhat blurred, compared to my 4.5 hour initiation at Stanford. Likewise, I could almost feel the Holy Beam of Light encase me in Chinatown when a boiling cup of tea somehow wiggled free from my grip and deposited itself on every inch of my body, the food and the floor. Point is, the Big Guy wanted to chisel an ominous sensation into my head, but I will not be deterred. So long as the tumultuous dice that is residency lands in my favor, Berkeley remains Numero Uno, although I would feel happy on either side of the Big Game.
Anyway, Mr Big Guy, you've had your fun, but please, go easy on me.

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